Our Story

We love great food...

... and just as importantly, we love to see a smile on people's faces.


Jayden, our founder and a chef for more than 12 years, wanted to find a food that made people happy.


He wanted to find something that no one else was doing well, and craft it into something exceptional. 


After more than a year's research and testing, Empire Chicken's heart-warming take on a soul-food classic was ready.


It has since seen people from all walks of life declare that our chicken is the finest fried chicken in town.

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Hold on, lets back it right back to the start.

The story of Empire Chicken began its life as a tiny idea in 2016 when Jay's barber Benny asked him if I knew how to make fried chicken. Word on the street was, ol' mate Jay, told him he did, but truth be told, his craft was definitely not as refined as it is today.

In the middle of 2017 that tiny idea resurfaced and it got him fizzing once again.


Fried chicken is amazing, why was no-one in Christchurch doing amazing fried chicken...


You know the chicken he was talking about right?! A crisp crack on the outside, a juicy burst of flavour and that tender chicken with a flavour punch that could knock you into next week. It was then and there that he decided..


"Enough is enough! I'm going to unlock the secret science of fried chicken or die trying."


His wife Mon began to suspect something when fried chicken kept turning up on the table and the crew at work suspected something funny when all his staff meals contained fried chicken in them too.


After approximately six months of obsessive research he found himself ready to tell the world about the little something, something that now had a special place deep in his heart.


Empire Chicken was born.

Local. Happy. Sustainable. Delicious.

Local. We make a habit of sourcing as much as possible from local farmers and suppliers.

Happy. The chickens, our staff, our customers. We want a good experience all around.

Sustainable. We buy the whole chicken and use it all too. All of our packaging is biodegradable or compostable and we do our bit to minimise our waste.

Delicious. It goes without saying. We make the best fried chicken in town, heck, maybe even the world.