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To ensure the smooth running of the restaurant’s kitchen during a shift, responsible for the quality of the food being produced and the quality of the kitchens behaviours, cleanliness and overall function. Promoting health and safety procedures and ensuring the high standard of the menu items. Performing regular preparations and cooking tasks along with stepping into the supervising role when the head chef is away. 


Reports to

  • Head chef

  • Executive chef


Works with

  • Restaurant manager

  • FOH shift supervisor 


Responsible for

  • Kitchen team on shift 


Duties and responsibilities

  • Notify the head chef of any stock that needs to be ordered.

  • Ensure all equipment, products and stock are set up and prepared for the shift.

  • Responsible for the operation and organisation of the kitchen during certain shifts.

  • Maintain quality and cost control by ensuring recipes and proportions are being followed.

  • Communicate with and support kitchen team.

  • Communicate and update FOH team with any changes.

  • Maintain positive relationships with all team members.

  • Follow and ensure the high standards of health and safety. 

  • Impart any knowledge and skills to new team members. 

  • Ensure the kitchen team is abiding with health and safety regulations.

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