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Oversee the service of the particular shift and ensure all procedures and high standards are being met with, staff, customers, food and drink. Organise and supervise the running of the restaurant and deal with urgent issues as they arise. 


Reports to

  • Restaurant Manger

  • General Manager

  • Owner 


Works with

  • Restaurant manager 

  • Other shift supervisors

  • Head chefs/Kitchen supervisor


Responsible for

  • On shift employees 


Duties and responsibilities

  • Hold a duty managers licence and abide by the procedures and laws taught.

  • Ensure there is a suitable balance of staff to estimated customers. 

  • Update staff with all the information they will need for the shift.

  • Ensure the restaurant is correctly, as required, cleaned and set up before and after the shift. 

  • Deal with any customer complaints and resolve any issues that may arise. 

  • Liaise with the restaurant manager to update on any issues, ideas and overall feedback.

  • Comply with the establishment’s host responsibility practices and follow the regulations of the sale and supply of alcohol. 

  • Ensure all resources, stock and equipment is is prepared for the shift.

  • Lead by example, conduct FOH procedures to a high standard enthusiastically.

  • Deliver quality service and maximise customer satisfaction.

  • Create a positive environment and keep staff morale high.  

  • Communicate with all staff including the kitchen team to be kept updated on menu changes. 

  • Ensure that closing and opening checklists are completed.

  • Represent and maintain the restaurants brand.

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